Sign Language Instructors' Pool [SLIP]

Sign Language Instructors' Pool [SLIP] exists to promote the teaching and use of sign language.  It is our goal to certify instructors to maintain the integrity of this language through improved teaching methodologies, collaborative planning, and interactive learning.


Sign Language  Instructors' Pool was founded decades ago. SLIP is an organization designed by and for sign language instructors. For the past 30 years, SLIP has been providing instruction to those interested in teaching sign language. It has held to the highest standards of training to ensure that its instructors are skilled and competent. SLIP invites all sign language instructors to join a network of colleagues who will provide support by sharing ideas and teaching strategies, suggesting resources, participating in training, and providing feedback about needs in the communities we serve.


Our instructors work with My CareerTools site to help deaf students from middle schools, high schools, GED classes prepare for their exams.

We also publish inspiring stories from parents and teachers.

Please make sure you check our articles.


If you are currently teaching sign language, wish to become an instructor, or simply want to support our organization, we encourage you to become a member.  As our organization grows, we can make certain that, as instructors or supporters, we maintain the level of integrity that sign language and the Deaf community deserve.


Where would we be without technology? One of the things that the deaf and hard of hearing community all agree on is that technology has the power to provide greater accessibility, to level the playing field, and to maximize the quality of life. Oh, the changes in the past few years! Instant messaging, pagers the size of your palm that provide access to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing alike, the Internet that provides answers to just about anything and relay service that is almost like a real-time conversation! In this area, you will find out the answers to the FAQs about deaf and hard of hearing people and technology. Included is a very detailed description of assistive listening devices, and Section 508 from a hearing loss perspective.